Friends of Eye and Mind

Nordic Anthropology film Association

NAFA is an organization for cooperation within the field of visual anthropology and has been active since the mid-1970s. The institutional membership is primarily made up of social anthropological institutions and ethnographic museums in the nordic countries, plus several regional colleges and media schools. NAFA also has a growing number of individual members in the northern countries and around the world.

Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology

Since its creation in 1987, the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology has been widely recognised as the world’s leading centre for Visual Anthropology. Its graduates have produced more than 300 ethnographic films seen around the world and it is now at the forefront of the emergent dialogue between art and anthropology, including sensory ethnography, experimental and practice-based methods, sound and performance, photographic and digital media, and art/museum installations.

Visual Cultural Studies at Tromsø University

Visual Cultural Studies at Tromsø University emphasises film and other visual and auditive means as tools for successful communication between researchers and local/global communities/networks

Visual Anthropology Berlin

The Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology (Department of Political and Social Sciences) at the Freie Universität Berlin is offering an innovative Master's (M.A.) program in Visual and Media Anthropology. This Program is educating both researchers with a background in anthropology and media professionals. The two-year-full-time Master's program comprises 120 ECTS. We offer 25 places each year. 

Society for Visual Anthropology

We promote the study of visual representation and media. Both research methods and teaching strategies fall within the scope of the society. SVA members are involved in all aspects of production, dissemination, and analysis of visual forms. Works in film, video, photography, and computer-based multimedia explore signification, perception, and communication-in-context, as well as a multitude of other anthropological and ethnographic themes.

Word of Mouth

Our vision of Word of Mouth is to explore, experiment with, and furthermore challenge the boundaries of ‘world research’ through the mechanical eye of the camera. More often than not we are communicating by means of ‘word of mouth’, defined in this instance as the communication we have with each other ‘face-to-face’, or by means of other contemporary mediums of shared communication, such as photography or film.


Combining anthropology, development, strategic planning, and film, is a newly established video production company that aims to strengthen relationships between employers, employees, companies and customers. This unique blend of disciplines offers an interesting insight into how film can be used to inspire, to create and to work in the between. 

Persona Film

'persona film' produces educational films, ethnographic documentaries and online courses. Mette Bahnsen and Christian Suhr strive to get close to the human experience and show strength, frailty and humanity.