It was in 2012 that Caroline first discovered yoga, when she travelled to India. After receiving some inspiration and having some contact on the practice for the first time, she decided to deepen in when she flew back to Denmark. That led her to keep on practicing in the next years, and now she is a yoga instructress of about 10 students.

The film shows Caroline’s body fragmented as we want to perceive what distinct parts of the body say, what they want to inform us about. Images allow us to grasp what cannot be said, or even defined, so the film allows a dynamic and vivid knowledge emanating from Caroline. It is her being that spreads all over her body, just the way the breathing does. What we want to present is a corporeal experience through Caroline’s own body.


Edurne Urrestarazu is a master student in Visual Anthropology at Aarhus University, where she is currently completing her last year. Interested in bodies and in what they can tell, found in images a way of giving agency to them. Thus, the camera becomes a tool with which she can deepen into the materials of the corporeality.
Email: edurne.urrestarazu@gmail.com

Sarah Artemeier graduated in Cultural- and Social Anthropology and Art History (B.A. in 2013-2016) at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Münster, Germany. During this time she worked on two other anthropological film projects (MindMonster and Was bleibt – Eine Friedhofsethnographie; Engl.: remaining – an ethnography of a cemetery). Currently she is doing her field work on bureaucratic identity and the migration system in Germany.
Email: sarah.artemeier@gmail.com

Project Details

Year: 2016
Filmmaker(s): Edurne Urrestarazu and Sara Artemeier
Camera: Edurne Urrestarazu and Sara Artemeier
Sound:  Edurne Urrestarazu and Sara Artemeier
Editor: Edurne Urrestarazu and Sara Artemeier
Cast: Caroline Hjortkjær