Affiliated Researchers

Christian Suhr, filmmaker, Assistant Professor, and Coordinator of the Visual Anthropology Track at Moesgaard, AU. PhD and film projects about Islamic exorcisms and psychiatric healthcare in Denmark.

Ton Otto, Head of the Ethnographic Collections, Moesgaard Museum and Professor of Anthropology. Director of prizewinning ethnographic films on socio-cultural change in Papua New Guinea.

Karen Waltorp, filmmaker and Assistant Professor in Anthropology. PhD about Muslim women in Denmark on social media and place-making with smart phones.

Christian Vium, photographer and Postdoctoral Fellow. Has produced a number of prizewinning photographic exhibitions and documentaries.

Susanne Højlund, Associate Professor in Anthropology, AU. Research interests include experimental visual ethnography, childhood and youth, pedagogy, welfare and food culture.

Arine Kirstein Høgel, Arine Kirstein-Høgel, filmmaker, film archivist and programmer. She holds a PhD in Film Studies and MA in Film Studies and Anthropology, as well as a PostDoc in visual anthropology.

Thea Skaanes, curator and leader of the UNESCO collections, Moesgaard Museum. PhD project about power objects and cosmology among the Hadza hunter-gatherers in Tanzania.

Thomas Fibiger, curator and PhD in Anthropology, Moesgaard Museum. Research on the globalization of heritage and politics of imagination in the Arabian Gulf.

Ane Bonde Rolsted, visual anthropologist and exhibition coordinator. Has produced ethnographic films for a number of institutions in Denmark and as museum director in Greenland.

Malthe Barnkob Lehrmann, PhD Student at Aarhus University. Research focuses on how people practice, create and shed cosmological shifts in contemporary Mongolia.

Peter Ian Crawford, Professor of Visual Anthropology, social anthropologist, filmmaker, development consultant and publisher.

Sebastian J. Lowe, PhD Student at Aarhus University and James Cook University. His interests include music, sound ecology, indigenous rights, visual anthropology and collaboration.