True Body


What do you do to your body hair, and what does your body hair do to you? True Body is a performative documentary that draws the viewer into a debate about gender norms and cultural body practices. We meet a group of women in a sauna who talk about their experiences with body hair, while we see a woman shave herself. The film is intended as a starting point for reflection about an everyday practice we rarely reflect upon, but yet keep doing over and over again.


Louise Hollerup

Louise Hollerup is a visual anthropologist from Aarhus University. Her thesis project is a three-part methodological inquiry into how to approach body hair with a camera. The “Hairy Stories” trilogy started out with True Body and was followed by two supplementary productions, respectively in Palestine and in a Danish salon. Louise also works with postcolonial Denmark-Greenland relations and is, in this matter, especially interested in the Danes.

Thesis title: Up Close: About the Film Trilogy Hairy Stories and Intimacy in Anthropological Filmmaking (2018)

Shannon Turner

Shannon Turner holds an Honours BA in Social Anthropology from Dalhousie University and is working toward an MSc in Visual Anthropology from Aarhus University. Her research interests include gender, queer identity, art, and consciousness, as well as the theory and practice of cultural critique and cultural production using visual forms. Her recent fieldwork investigated contemporary practices with entheogens in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Maja Byriel

Maja Byriel holds a bachelor degree in Social Anthropology and a master degree in Visual Anthropology from Aarhus University. Research interests include childhood, body and movement, art and architecture.



Project Details

Year: 2016
Filmmaker(s): Louise Hollerup, Shannon Turner and Maja Rønn Byriel
Camera: Shannon Turner
Sound: Maja Rønn Byriel
Editor: Louise Hollerup, Shannon Turner and Maja Rønn Byriel
Cast: Louise Hollerup, Christine Svop, Mathilde Malmborg, Katrine Mavraganis and Louise Lindvald Hansen