Skovarbejde i Løvenholm Skovene / Forestry in the Løvenholm Forests


This is a short film about the forestry group managing the Løvenholm Forests in Djursland. It was produced for The Green Museum during its transition from an agricultural museum to a museum of forestry and hunting as well. The film is one of a number of short films produced for internal educational use at the museum.


Marie Kruuse was a student of the Eye and Mind Laboratory and explores the visual dimension of the relationship between human and material, apprenticeship, senses, and the body-mind duality. She specializes in producing content for museums, websites, and educational purposes.



Project Details

Year: 2017
Filmmaker(s): Marie Kruuse
Camera: Marie Kruuse
Sound: Marie Kruuse
Editor: Marie Kruuse
Cast: The foresters and rangers of the Løvenholm forests and the apprentice rangers of the school Eldrupgård, a subdivision of Copenhagen University.