Unity in Exile. Becoming Sahrawi



Since generations, the native population of occupied Western Sahara grows up in refugee camps in the Algerian desert, constantly being reminded of their dependence on international aid and media coverage.The film „Unity in Exile. Becoming Sahrawi“ examines firstly the ways that Sahrawis become part of a nation in exile that ultimately aims for independence. Secondly it illustrates different perceptions of home: can home be found in the displacement itself?


Yolanda Schröder finished her Master study in Visual Anthropology 2017 at Aarhus University. The film debut is part of her product thesis: „Unity in Exile. The Practice of Homeland and Nation Amongst Young Sahrawis in Exile.

Project Details

Year: 2017
Filmmaker: Yolanda Schröder
Camera: Yolanda Schröder
Sound: Yolanda Schröder
Editor: Yolanda Schröder