Breathing Space


‘Breathing Space’ is a portrait film of Cirkuskroen, a pub close to the harbour of Aarhus. The film narrative is constructed so as it seems we are following the pace and the changing atmospheres of the pub for the duration of a day as regulars and customers come and go. We see people sitting alone, starring empty out in the air as they drink and smoke. And we see people joking around with each other, smiling and laughing, having a good time. All the while, the 1299 clowns that are the decoration of the pub, are watching, as the observational camera silent spectators of the events. They leave a sense of both comedy and tragedy in the viewer.


Breathing Space is the result of Sofie’s and Christine’s first film project in the course Camera as a Cultural Critique during their first semester of their Master degree in Visual Anthropology at Aarhus University. Sofie has a great interest in the aural domain and has investigated how to use audio-visual means to communicate and convey experiences of transpersonal character in her fieldwork, film and thesis about shamans of the Upper Peruvian Amazon. Christine has a great interest in investigating tensions and paradoxes. Her fieldwork and thesis focused on the tensions between religion and secularity in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) as it is experienced among MBSR-teachers in Denmark.




Project Details

Year: 2014
Filmmaker(s): Sofie Husum Johannesen and Christine Agertoft Svop
Camera: Sofie Husum Johannesen and Christine Agertoft Svop
Sound: Sofie Husum Johannesen and Christine Agertoft Svop
Editor: Sofie Husum Johannesen and Christine Agertoft Svop
Cast: Lars “The Clown” Andersen, Ebbe “The School Teacher, Erik “Spritter”, “Cola” Kim, Kurt “Bus”, Anders “The Architect”, Birger “Doctor Zhivago”, Flora, Kurt “Plumber”, Jesper, Andy, Hanne, and other participating friends of Cirkuskroen