Healing Horses


On the margins of modern medicine, horses are being used in psychotherapy. Inspired by three months of anthropological fieldwork, the film takes a closer look at one such place in the Pacific Northwest, called ”Animals as Natural Therapy”. Through the stories of three women, interwoven with audio-visual vignettes of the non-humans, “Healing Horses” explores aspects of the healing relationships created between the humans and the horses.

This film has been screened at Equinale 2016 & Equus 2016.


Born and raised in Romania & educated in anthropology and film in Scotland and Denmark, Armina is on a quest to explore the multi-sensorial and the therapeutic dimensions of video, with a focus on the interactions between humans and non-humans.

Email: armina@glowsole.net
Website: glowsole.net

Project Details

Year: 2016
Filmmaker(s): Armina Dinescu
Camera: Armina Dinescu
Sound: Armina Dinescu
Editor: Armina Dinescu
Cast: Sonja Wingard, Tania Vega, Shannon Felcher, the human and non-human participants at ”Animals as Natural Therapy”