Let the Fire Never Die


The indigenous community of El Barco, in Chile, has been relocated almost fifteen years ago after the construction of a huge hydro-dam that flooded their ancestral lands. This film aims at exploring life in the Andes, involving the viewer in the struggles of the subjects who are dealing with the consequences of moving into a new environment. This film is part of a wider anthropological research project about the relation between dwelling and the cosmological indigenous belief in spirits. This film was part of Ambra Molinari’s thesis called “Dwelling with Spirits. Difficulties, implications and modalities in engaging living places. The ethnographic example of a Pehuenche community in Chile” (2016).


Originally from Italy, Ambra has recently graduated with a master’s in visual anthropology at Aarhus University, where she explored indigenous cosmologies and human rights connected to land grabbing and environmental issues in Chile (2016). She is the producer and editor of the combined film “Let the Fire Never Die” (2016) and also the co-founder of Queltehue Film Collective (www.queltehue.com).

Project Details

Title: CHONQUELPE TATI KUTRAL (Let the Fire Never Die)
Year: 2016
Duration: 30 mins
Filmmaker: Ambra Molinari
Camera: Ambra Molinari
Sound: Ambra Molinari/Mikkel Juel Gregersen
Music: Amelia Vita Pichinao, Carlos Cordova
Thesis supervisor: Christian Suhr