Under Huden (Under the Skin)


The film is called Under Huden (Under The Skin) and is about the tattoo artist Kumar. The film takes place in his and his father’s tattoo studio in Aarhus. Kumar sis was adopted from India to Denmark and got into the tattoo business through his father, Jørgen. We follow Kumar as he does his job, creating art for and on his costumers as well as we get close to him and his story – told through his tattoos. We also get to hear about his hopes for the future of his little son. The film focuses on how people feel connected and related to each other and how identity is shaped from environment. Both through work, art, pain and…. emotions.


Lasse Yde Hegnet and Marie Mellerup studied together at Aarhus University.

Project Details

Year: 2016
Filmmaker(s): Lasse Yde Hegnet, Marie Mellerup
Camera: Canon XF100
Sound: Røde mikrofon
Editor: Lasse Yde Hegnet, Marie Mellerup
Cast: Kumar Kristiansen, Jørgen Kristiansen, Anne Christine Møller, Stefan Facius, Lasse Yde Hegnet, Marie Mellerup