Visual Anthropology Today: Infrastructures for Seeing, Thinking, and Knowing

The course gives students a thorough introduction to visual anthropology from film and photography to digital video and social media. The course participants will presented for classic and recent literature on film and photographic means, history and applications that allow them to produce, discuss and analyze the (audio) visual representations aesthetically and scientifically. The students will be introduced to visual anthropology through reading of the central methodological and analytical texts, and introduced to a variety of new, specific examples of participatory opportunities that digital anthropology and new media offer in social science research.The students will be working practically and analytically in the urban space with thematic tasks in cooperation with a number of partners in the European Capital of Culture 2017

Important information: This course is an intensive summer course taught over approximately 2-4 weeks in July and/or August. This means that you should expect to work with this course in class as well as independently (lectures, tutorials, presentations, group work, preparation) for a large portion of the day, most/all days of the teaching period. You should also expect to do some preparation in advance, depending on the curriculum of your course. Most courses will require reading or the preparation of other exercises before course start.

The intensive format and the fact that a number of courses are taught by (international) guest lecturers also means that you should be open to the possibility that the course might be taught differently than what you are used to (different teaching styles, theories, exercises etc.)

Applications for AU Summer University courses are open from 1 December 2016 until 15 March 2017.

Seats for this course are distributed after the 15th of March 2017. If you are granted a seat in the course your registration will be confirmed in late April 2017.

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